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Learning from a Child

September 26, 2011

“Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.” Mark 10:15

I have a friend Filipino couple who is living here in Malawi for more than 5 years.  They are members of CFC FFL and they have a son and a daughter, 3 and 10 years old respectively.  Their son’s name is Jaidon.  He is a cute, adorable and enegergetic little guy who loves to watch ‘Jolibee’ and play his collection of toy cars.  He is shy towards new acquaitances, but otherwise, he is so playful.

He just turned 3 years old last September (I failed to attend his birthday celebration because I was on my way to Nigeria) but I, a 27 year old guy, have already learned many things from this little kid.

There was a situation where I was with them and we are about to have our lunch.   We had forgotten to pray before the meal because everyone was so hungry.  I was already holding my plate and about to get some food when Jaidon suddenly said something very important. “Pray muna!” (Pray first!).  Then everyone started to look at each other with a smile. “Oo nga naman, tama siya!” (He is right!).  How many times have I forgotten to pray first?  I was reminded to pray first, to give thanks and praises to God, before doing “anything”, not just before eating.

His father is working in an office that is only 15 minutes away from their home while his mother stays at home to take care of him and his older sister.  And whenever his father goes back home, Jaidon stops from whatever he is doing and runs towards his father with so much excitement.   I have been noticing this from Jaidon since I first met him and he is consistent on doing it. I realized that I should have an attitude like that towards God, who is also my Father.  In my prayers and worship, should stop from what ever I am doing and run towards Him with excitement because that is my chance to be with His presence again after being my busy day of work.  The best part is, God is always available to talk to me.

There was an incident when Jaidon’s father gave him a pack of M&M’s chocolates.  He accepted and I saw great gladness on his face as he opens it.  Then, he started to eat the chocolates piece by piece, enjoying every taste and bite.  I then asked him for some chocolates, and without hesitation, he gave me not just one piece, not just two, but he gave me the whole pack.  And of course, I just took one piece.  I pray that may I also accept the Kingdom of God with great delight and glandness as the Lord offers it to me.  May I enjoy every blessing of it, and as I do, may I also be generous enough to give the whole “pack” to many people I meet.

Jaidon loves to play, especially with his older sister.  And there were times that I have witnessed their childish and petty quarrels.  And whenever it happens, either their mother or father will mediate and stop them by saying that it is bad to fight.  And there were times that it was Jaidon’s fault, so he will be asked to ask for forgiveness from his big sister.  With out any hesitation or question, out of total obedience, he will immediately approach his big sister to make peace.  And if it is his big sister who asks for forgiveness, he immediately grants to her.  And after the quarrel and make peace, they will happily play again.

There are two other things that I really admire about Jaidon.  First is his obedience to follow his parents. I hope that I can also have that level of obedience to God, to follow his will and commandment without hesitation, personal reservation or question.  Just follow Him out of total obedience. Second is his attitude.  It is somehow easy for him to grant forgiveness to those who have hurt them, and ask for forgivess from those whom they have hurt.

The mind and heart of a child, like Jaidon, are pure.  They are purer than the people older than them.  The Kingdom of God is a gift for these least and powerless children.  And not until I accept this Gift from God with pure heart and mind like a child, I will never be able to enter in.

There is no one who is too old enough not to learn from the pure heart of a child.

Jaidon Pua

  1. kids are the best teachers because of their purity of hearts. 🙂
    KFL in 2 years? =p

  2. So much true! He is not yet a KFL member, but he going there 🙂

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