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Saint Faustina and the Promises of The Divine Mercy

October 3, 2011

Saint Faustina Kowalska, a Polish Nun who died in 1938 at the age of 33, was beatified on April 18, 1993 and was canonized on April 30, 2000 by Pope John Paul II, who as archbishop of Crakow, had re-introduced her cause of beatification in 1978.  Six months later he was elected Pope.

With the words “Oh what great graces I will grant to souls who recite this chaplet,” Jesus gave Saint Faustina “The Chaplet of Mercy” with instructions to make a Novena, in particular for nine days from Good Friday to the following Saturday.

Jesus also asked that at three O’Clock, the hour at which He died, we should say the “Three O’Clock” prayer saying “At three O’Clock implore My Mercy, especially for sinners…  I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virute of My Passion.” (1320)…  “Run through the whole world and tell of My mercy.”

He requested that she paint His image with the signature JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU which should be venerated, first in her Chapel and then throughout the world.  In her diary, she records promises connected with the Devotion to the Divine Mercy.

  • “The souls that will say this Chaplet will be embraced by My Mercy during their life time and especially at the hour of their death.”
  • “To Priests who proclaim My Mercy, I will give wondrous power and touch the hearts of those whom they will speak.” (1521)
  • “I promise that the soul that will venerate My image will not perish.” (48) “The two rays denote blood and water… These two rays issued from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross.” (299)
  • “Souls who spread the honour of My Mercy… at the hour of death I will not be a Judge for them but a Merciful Saviour.”(1057)
  • “The prayer most pleasing to Me is prayer for the conversion of sinners.  Know My daughter that this prayer is always heard and answered.” (1397)
  • “I desire that the Feast of Mercy be solembly celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter.  The soul that will go to Confession within 8 days and receive Holy Communion and spend some time in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament on this day shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.” (699)
  • “When they say this Chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person, not as the Just Judge but as the Merciful Saviour.” (154)
  • “Mankind will not, have peace until it turns (as to a source of help) to the Fount of My Mercy.” (669)

Let us all pray and have a Devotion to the Divine Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.


(click for guide on how to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet)

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