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God’s Greatness in Nigeria

October 29, 2011

I went to Nigeria in September 2011 and stayed there for 3 weeks to help the community CFC Youth for Family and Life (CFC YFL) conduct activities for the youth.  It was a big blessing for me to share the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to some youth of Nigeria.  The experience was full of surprises and overwhelmingly life changing.

Like any other mission trip I had, this was another opportunity to serve God, but most especially, it was a divine privilege to behold His unmatched greatness and goodness to this country.

I traveled alone from Malawi to Nigeria, vice versa.  And my flights from and back to Malawi were totally awesome:  two all-expense-paid hotel accommodations, great foods, I met God sent people who helped and guided me, and I reached my destinations safe and sound.  It was full of divine intervention.

On the day of my arrival in Abuja, a “Pinoy salu-salo” (Filipino feast) welcomed me.  I met Filipino members of CFCFFL Nigeria and other more Filipinos, who were having a small celebration at the Philippine Embassy.  I was really excited to meet in person the people who I had only communicated with through the internet.

I was glad that I have finally met Uncle Nestor and Aunt Annie Padalhin (Uncle Nestor is the Philippine Ambassador to Nigeria and also a CFCFFL Servant Leader there), and Theresa Santos, the YFL member who came from Seattle USA to heed the call of the Lord for her to share God’s love for more people.

Our first activity was the Youth Camp.   There were 77 participants from 5 different states of Nigeria (Kaduna, Lagos, Jos, Abuja and Anambra).  We originally projected to be able to gather just 40 participants, but the plan of the Lord was far better and greater than ours.  During the last day of preparation, more texts and calls were received that more youth wanted to attend the activity.  We were overwhelmed that moment.  It was a blessing at the same time a concern because we were thinking on how we are going to accommodate everyone.

But God is really good.  He brought more participants to the camp and it seemed impossible to manage this number of participants without sacrificing the quality and content.  God is indeed a God of all possibilities.  He sent more people to serve.  He knew very well that we would be outnumbered, so at the same time, He brought more people to the service team.  At first, I thought that the service team would only be composed of 5 people but the Lord reminded me to never doubt, just trust.

That trust led us to unexpected blessings.  The Lord provided more than enough resources that made the Youth Camp memorable for everyone.  He sent generous people who contributed time, talent and treasure.  People unexpectedly and generously contributed what they have.  And the sum of their contributions was, everyone genuinely felt God’s generosity.

Another amazing thing was, all members of the service team professed that the Youth Camp has changed their lives.  They also felt God’s love and goodness during the activities and sessions and have brought them to some personal realizations such as “God loves us so much and we need to share that love to as many people as possible”.

Despite some challenges with the electricity that impaired our sound system and lighting during the sessions, with the scorching heat of the sun that made everyone sleepy (we used tent as our session area) and include the strong wind and rain on the last day that devastated our session hall, God has made the participants very attentive and receptive all throughout the camp.

As I led everyone to a general pray-over and to the “commItment to Christ ceremony”, I was really amazed on how strong was the manifestation of God’s Spirit.  He touched everyone’s life, thus gave them conviction to stand up as a sign of their decision to follow Christ as their Lord.  It is because of the Lord’s goodness, all participants, including members of the service team, was so inspired and made personal decisions to follow Jesus Christ as their God.

He also touched me as I was loosing my voice during my talk.  I was praying that my voice may last until the end of the session.  I really cannot explain it, I was able to finished the session by God’s grace.

Happiness and gladness to everyone was seen as we had our entertainment night to end the second day.  Everyone was singing, dancing and celebrating for the goodness of the Lord.

On the following day and last day of the Camp, we ended the program with a short awarding of recognition and few sharing among the inspiring members of service team and participants.  I saw how happy and excited everyone was, for everyone had experience the loving grace of the Lord all through out the activity.

Thanks to all the effort and contribution of all members of the service team.   These people were so inspiring for they have sacrificed much time, talent and treasure for the furtherance of the mission of the Lord in Nigeria.  They have been loyal to their calling to evangelize and to do mission work.  Many people and youth have experienced God’s love through their sacrifices and love.  It was really a great blessing to be able to work with them in God’s vineyard.

The Lord has continued to shower me His overflowing goodness until the end of my mission in Nigeria; He did not stop in the Youth Camp.  My mission partner and I stayed in Abuja for two more weeks and conducted Covenant Recollections and trainings for the sustenance of the youth ministry.

After some more activities, the YFL members are really looking forward to experience more the love of God for them.  I left Nigeria without any assurance that I will be back.  One thing I am assured of, God will continue to bless everyone and allow us to experience more of His great love.

With all of the great things that happened during the camp and in this whole mission trip, I would like to say that God is indeed great, all the time.


for more pictures of the Youth Camp, kindly visit this link:


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