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The Brighter Side

November 7, 2011

Last Friday, I had my twice-a-month household meeting with YFL Lunzu.  I met some members at the parish hall which was our meeting place and we went straight to the house of a member to have the meeting there.  His house is in a village (rural area) and the only way to reach it is to use a private transport like a car, motorcycle or bicycle.  But normally, the people go there by foot.

And since there was an unavailability of any private vehicles, we decided to walk.  Together with 3 brothers, we trekked for an hour and crossed vacant Maize (Corn) fields.  The sun was so hot that it will make you sweat just by standing under it, and the wind was strong and blew the dust unto our faces.  The four of us just got a taste of what a Christian life is all about – love!

Before we left our meeting place and proceed to our destination, we had a short discussion on how long it will take us to reach our destination.  They say it would be 1 hour.  To encourage everyone, I just told them that we will do this for our love to our brother, who is the host for the household.  He has been hoping that we can at last hold our household at his place.

By the grace of God, everyone agreed to walk and got excited about it.  I honestly had some worries that moment because I didn’t know how everyone would react with the decision and I know that walking that far was not a good idea.  And in the end, I stopped worrying and trusted everything to God.

And God blessed us during our walk.

The long walk became an opportunity for us 4 to get to know each other as we listen to everyone’s stories.  We shared laughter, opinions about things happening to Malawi, and insights regarding YFL.  I had chances to share more about the community and how the Lord blesses me through it.

The walk also forged our brotherhood.  There were some difficulties in carrying the guitar enclosed in a heavy wooden hard case, the walk was very tiring and exhausting, and I saw how everyone had cared for one another.  Someone shared his bottle of water to everyone.  Everyone shared contribution by carrying the heavy load.  Everyone became very optimistic and hopeful for the sake of those who were tired.

Along the walk, everyone was telling jokes about the food that our host would prepare.  Different kinds of cook were raised: chicken stew, beef in tomato sauce, fried rice and iced cold Fanta.  We continued on thinking about food that would be served even we know that it would not be possible since our host’s family also has financial difficulties.  I saw that everyone was really hoping that something great from the Lord will happen when we reach our destination.  This is God’s way of teaching us how to hope

Everyone was smiling and laughing as sweat runs on our faces, and tiredness and exhaustion consume our bodies.  Everyone was hoping that God will bring great things.  And when we finally reached the house, great things surprised us.  We were welcomed by our friend and his family with gladness.  Drinks and food were served during the household.  We sat on soft and comfortable couch.  “This is resurrection after death”, everyone was joking.   The best part was, everyone had a wonderful affirming household about God’s calling for us to be evangelistic and missionary.

We ended our household with high spirit.  Everyone was refreshed and rejuvenated by the food, couch and the by household.  It is already dark when we left the place, and there were so much happiness, excitement and hope in our hearts that we forgot about the long walk we had.   This is the brighter side.

By the way, we again walked going back to our meeting place.  It was really a great and memorable experience.

Trivia: I really love “long travel” (private or public transport) especially when I’m with my friends, because it gives us opportunity to get to know and bond with each other.


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