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It Just Keeps On Pouring!

November 22, 2011

In my 14 months of staying here in Malawi, my memorable and wonderful experiences just keep on coming.  Blessings are like rains, they are pouring hard.  This is the continuation of my previous blog on the good things I have experienced for the first time.

It was my first time…

  1. To design a newspaper advertisement for a big electronic company.
  2. To receive extra compensation for my work. Woooh!
  3. To be a freelance graphic designer.
  4. To have a vehicular accident.  But the best thing is I was perfectly fine.  Nothing serious had happened, it was only the front bumper of the car which got destroyed.
  5. To give a CLS talk for the couples of CFC FFL.
  6. To reach Paris, France, (It was Just in the airport, hehe).
  7. To see the Eiffel Tower even just a glimpse
  8. To reach Amsterdam, Netherlands (though it was just in the airport, still it was Amsterdam).
  9. To reach Nigeria, and I STAYED there for 3 weeks and went to 3 different states.
  10. To attend the World Youth Day!  Praise God for His gift.
  11. To celebrate my birthday in two different countries, France and Spain.
  12. To reach Spain for the World Youth Day.
  13. To meet Spanish, Polish, Brazilian, and other races at the World Youth Day.
  14. To get lost in an airport. Hahaha, I really won’t forget this.  Thanks for the people who helped me, you know who you are.
  15. To eat freshly picked peaches, avocados, passion fruit, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and blueberries.
  16. To be caught and fine for a driving violation – an expired car registration.  It was an honest mistake.
  17. To be hosted and eat in a hotel for free.
  18. To experience a canceled flight.  It was a hassle but blessed experience.
  19. To meet a Malawian who knows so many things about the political history of the Philippines.  He shared to me about the our previous presidents: Marcos, Aquino, and Ramos… Until the present government.  He admires Filipinos so much.  Wow, that is great to hear.
  20. To eat Chinese food in Malawi.  Yes, you can also find Chinese food here.  Is there a place on earth where there is no Chinese? How about Filipinos?
  21. To attend a funeral service based on the tradition of Malawi.
  22. To attend a very long Holy Mass (4 hours)
  23. To travel alone via airplane.
  24. To see Pope Benedict XVI in person.  Being with his presence was full of peace and joy.
  25. To queue for fuel, for 4 hours.
  26. To own a pair of Crocs slippers.
  27. To reach Kenya.  I stayed there for a night in a hotel.  Pampered!
  28. To stay for 12 hours in an airport (Barajas Airport, Madrid).
  29. To sleep inside an airport.  I remembered the movie “The Terminal” of Tom Hanks in this.
  30. To blog

I am proud of these experiences because I believe that they are all gifts and I find joy from the Giver of these gifts. These experiences contribute, in one way or another, to the welfare of my being.   To delight in them is to delight in the Lord.  I still haven’t written down the others because it would take me much time to remember and write them.  And the best thing is that there are still so much more to come and I am excited about them.

Lord, just let it pour down.  With my two arms wide open, I will catch as many blessings as I can!


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  1. garrymoore permalink

    hi to all vlramos.wordpress.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thank yous speak soon
    g moore

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