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The Only Certain Thing

December 7, 2011


A man’s life is full of uncertain things. There are so many things that we don’t know.  We can’t tell what will happen next.  The technology today is so advance that it can help man to determine the outcome of things.  Computations and devices can forecast the weather or determining the trend of global economy.  But in spite of these methods and even how far they get advanced, man still doesn’t have guarantee to many things.  Man doesn’t know when is his love will come.  He also doesn’t know if he will still have a job the following years or until when he can still work.  There are so many things in this world that cannot be measured, determined and forecasted.  We are all living our lives with uncertainties.

My life here in Malawi also has been full of uncertainties.  There are many things that cannot be forecasted even how good and detailed my plans are.  We do not know if it is going to rain, get hot or get cold tomorrow.  We don’t know when the next electric blackout is and for how long.  The supply of water from the faucet is also unassured.  We are currently experiencing fuel crisis for the past months and no one knows when the next ration of fuel will be.

Despite all these uncertainties that lie before me, there is only one thing that I am very certain of – GOD LOVES ME, period!   No scientific analysis, mathematical calculation and even the most advance apparatus can measure or prove it.  I don’t even need to consult them to be certain about this fact.  I just need to look around me, look at the blessings that I have received from God, remember the great things that He has done for me, count on the things that I have right now.  I just need to look inside my heart to be affirmed with absolute certainty that God loves me, no matter what happens.

There is saying that the only certain thing is uncertainty.  I proved that wrong because God is a certain God and His love for each and everyone us is certain.  So the next time uncertain things fall before me.  I will just look at and hold on tight to the CERTAIN ONE.

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  1. Hey. Basically want to write and mention that I admired this posting. I’ll be bookmarking your site and looking to see if you post any additional ones. Thanks again!

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