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We Are Servants

January 3, 2012

Meet Mr. Enok Banda, a 47-year-old Malawian house servant of my host family, The Mbekeani.  He is an amazing guy because of his dedication, loyalty, passion and commitment in serving the family.  He has been faithfully serving the Mbekani Family for 27 straight years.  Wow, it is truly amazing!  I have been living with him for more than a year now and in this span of time, there are lots of things that I have realized because of this humble servant.

“A Banda” (Mr. Banda in English) as we used to call him, is very dedicated, committed and passionate with his household obligations.  He cooks for us, he washes the dishes, cleans the house, wax the floor, he opens the garage gate, washes the laundries (of course not including mine) and other more household jobs.  He does them with passion and without any complains.

He is always in the house doing chores except on Sundays afternoon since it is his time off.  As I observe this man, I had noticed that it seems he has already given up his own pleasure, desires and dreams in exchange of serving the family.  It is not that he is being abused; it seems more that he has chosen this path.

I asked him about what he thinks about his work and he answered me with great joy that he is happy, feel fulfilled and proud in serving the family.  I also asked him if he is not getting tired of all the work, he answered me “I am a servant and I am just doing what I was told to do”.

In serving the Lord, it is very important that we always wear a heart of a servant, a heart of total obedience.  A heart that is always ready to do whatever He said, no matter how impossible it may seem to be.  There should be no room for “buts”, “ifs” and complains because as servants who are basically possessions of the Master, we are just doing what was told us to do.

Happiness and joy should always be in our hearts as we say “YES” and “DO” the will of God.  We are serving God and not man; we should be happy that we have the privilege to be able to serve Him.  Joy should be in our heart because we are instruments of God for the proclamation of His love and mercy.

Serving God must be a pleasure and not a burden.  Our master is not a man but God who shows justice and mercy to those who serve Him.  If serving a king can give a man wealth, power and glory, serving our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings, will surely give us more than these earthly things, EVERLASTING LIFE with Him in His Kingdom.

We must take our roles as servants of God with such great respect.  Many are called but only few are chosen.  What accomplishment can be better than to simply do His commands?  Is there anything more fulfilling that to be counted worthy to be instruments of God despite our weaknesses and sinfulness?  We must take pride in the Lord because we are not just slaves but also friends of God since He has revealed Himself to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we serve our Master and take pride in Him, humility must rule us.  Let us be reminded that we are nothing without Him; a slave is nothing without His master; we cannot possibly do any of His will without Him.  We are doing His work not to gain anything from Him but we are doing His work simply because we want Him to be known throughout the earth and be glorified.  We must know by heart that our work is all about Him.

Lastly, this work of being God’s servant is a work of a lifetime that requires great sacrifices.  He desires His servants to give up their lives for His sake; to give up our own pleasure, dreams, desires for the greater glory of His name. And as we do these, our Master, who is just and righteous, will reward us in the end of times.

We are just servants we are just doing what was told us to do.

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