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Finishing Strong

March 20, 2012

My mission here in Malawi is now heading to its conclusion.  In these remaining six months, every decision and action that I will make will determine the outcome of my mission, they are more important than what I accomplished in the past year.   These months will determine the outcome of the mission that the Lord has entrusted to me.  It is so important that I must finish strong in this mission.

Finishing strong doesn’t only mean that I will animate more activities for the community members.  It also doesn’t only mean to accomplish more great things.  To finish strong is more than just the activities or accomplishments that I will be doing in the remaining months.  It is more about what will I become in six months.  It is about my being.

I may accomplish big tasks or build a “legacy” for the community of CFCFFL Malawi, but they will all mean nothing if I will not be able to get at least one step closer in accomplishing the greatest accomplishment for a human being – HOLINESS.

To finish strong is to live a more prayerful life.  It has been my desire to be a man of prayer and to be able to pray in a certain level in which by God’s grace I become more divine than human.   A life of prayers that is like a “spiritual marriage” where my whole being is captivated by God and everything that I do is in complete in union to Him.

I will finish strong by persistently building and guarding my purity.  I will do everything to protect my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  To finish strong is to build and maintain a life of Chastity, to live a life of purity.  God knew that by the virtue of chastity, I can become one step closer to holiness and therefore, one step closer to Him.

Becoming the person that God wants me to become is very important and what I learn is also important.  It also means learning good things and skills that will make me a better person and will bless others.  Using my remaining time to learn new things that God wants me to learn is also a way of finishing strong.

Finishing strong is also to care and to love more.  To show more care and love to the people who God has brought in my life here in Malawi:   Community members, neighbors, and friends.   And also, to extend my care and love to strangers around me, especially to those who have been deprived of good things on earth.

I can still remember the personal goal I have set before starting this mission, to get closer to God and bring along as many people as I can.  It is very important that I do not lose track on it because it is one of the reasons of my mission.  It can help me finish strong by doing my best in reaching this goal.

The time is running out.   My remaining months is running out.  There are still more things to be done and by God’s grace, I may be able to be part of them.  I have no idea what beholds me in this remaining six months.  But one thing is clear to me, to finish strong in this mission for the greater glory of God.


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