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The Reason I Write

March 21, 2012

I am the kind of person who doesn’t like writing down articles or journals.  I avoid it with a childish reason that it gives me a very hard time.   It even takes me much time to write a single paragraph.  In addition, I consider myself among those people who are not really good at grammar and sentence construction.  I will avoid it as much as I can.  But what if it was God who would ask me to write?  Maybe, my respond will be like Moses’ when God called him to lead the tribes of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land.  And it was somehow like that how I responded.

I asked God, “What shall I write about?”

He answered me, “You will write about the experiences who had with me.”

“But I am not good at writing and English is not my thing.  It gives me very hard time.  Furthermore, I don’t have enough experience s, unlike my friends, to make a good article that will interest people.”   I argued.

“Just do it and trust me.”  God said.

Just do it and trust me.  Well, if it is God who told you these words, then you just simply follow.

I created a blog account and started writing since the beginning of 2011.  And every time I write, I open my heart and mind with trust and obedience to God.  He gives me the topic to write about.  He gives me the right words to put together.  He also provides me the means to learn the things which are difficult for me in term of writing.

He is my inspiration.  I get everything from Him who is the very reason why I am writing my own blog.  I want my family and friends to get to know how wonderful it is to have an intimate relationship with God.

I praise God for He has allowed me to finish 40 blogs since I begun writing down about His goodness in my life. This is already a record.  Writing this much is already a great blessing from the Lord.  It is an accomplishment that if without the guidance of God, would be impossible for me to accomplish.

How can I not write about these great experiences? They have blessed and changed my life.  They are so great that need to be written down, put inside my treasure box, and share to as many as people as I can.  So many people may also acknowledge our Almighty God.

My pleasure is not in writing, but in my God who is the reason why I write.



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